02. Warm-up EXERCISE: Circle all of the facts in an article and discuss where you would search to verify each fact.

Have students do the following solo activity:

Circle all of the “facts” in the printed-out, hard copies of the first four pages of this New York Times obituary, “Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer,” and to think about about where they would search to verify each fact.

After about 10 minutes, ask the students to discuss what they noticed about the exercise. The first thing you might hear is, that “everything is a fact.” Obituaries are fertile ground to make errors, which require corrections, since Obits contain a series of many facts about a person’s life.

Then you can go around the room and ask each student to start from the article headline and state the next fact they circled, and then to talk about where they would go to verify the information in that fact.

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