Before-class assigned readings

Please ask students to read these articles before arriving in class:

  1. Albæk, Erik. “The Interaction between Experts and Journalists in News Journalism.” Journalism 12, no. 3 (April 2011): 335–48. doi:10.1177/1464884910392851.
  2. Grauer, Yael. “How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Sources and Break Stories.” The Freelancer by Contently. October 1, 2014:
  3. Jensen, Elizabeth. “NPR’s Online Source Diversity: New Data To Help Guide Newsroom.” NPR. July 17, 2018:
  4. Quart, Alissa. “The Trouble with Experts.” Columbia Journalism Review. July/August 2010:
  5. Wardle, Claire. “A Journalist’s Guide to Working with Social Sources.” FirstDraft. September 2016: