Section 3

– Using social media to find experts

Using social media to find experts is the final component. Social media will help round out your expert source list, and allow you to look beyond the traditional approaches. This combination allows for the best strategy when looking for the credible and diverse experts for your reporting needs.

ASK: Where would you look on social media for an expert?

Guide students to understand the importance of LinkedIn and Twitter in particular, but other social networks can provide expert sources as well:

If you use keywords to find an experts in the Advanced People Search section:

LinkedIn Advanced People Search

You can search Twitter profiles by keywords for experts, and compare expertise in those that they follow as well. You will need a Twitter account to access this resource:


You can use social media to find retired professionals in a field, as mentioned, this is particularly helpful.

It is equally important to verify your sources, and not get scammed on social media. Don’t quote a bot, for example. Don’t quote a fake source. Do your own vetting – this is true for all sourcing, but be extra careful. Here are some tools to use to spot bots:


Key Points to Remember:

  • Use diverse sources. Be mindful of this.
  • Gather context for all sides of your topic/issue. One perspective is not enough
  • Remember to utilize the strategy for all fields or studies when looking for experts. It is not a narrowed subject.
  • Understanding jargon and search language will be key in locating the right expert.  
  • Do your own background check on experts. Credibility is essential.