Lesson 03: 360 Editing (technical)

In this lesson, we’ll look at how images and video captured by the camera are stitched together, how they are edited in a common non-linear editing program (like Adobe Premiere or FCP X) and special considerations of how to synchronize and edit “second source audio”, that is, audio recorded on a separate audio recorder.

Learning Outcomes
    • Discover editing and asset organization methods for 360 video

    • Understand special considerations for storytelling in 360

    • Practice editing tools and techniques unique to 360 editing

Lesson Outline

Review their footage or footage provided (you can use a goPro viewer or VLC version 3.0 or later (free))

Stitching (using the camera software)

Organizing your files

Setting up and organizing your Premiere/Final Cut Project

Import and sequence settings 

Viewing 360 in the editor

Sync SOUND for 360 (how to sync from 2d audio source)

Rotate Sphere

Text in 360

Exporting 360

https://getfader.com/ online editing

In-class Exercise/Activity for Small Groups

[For examples of how to walk students through working with their 360 footage on desktop and editing, see slides 71 through 85 here]

Take the footage you captured after the last class, import it into an editing program, trim the shots and arrange them on a timeline.

Play with the rotate sphere tool.

  1. To create a compelling starting point
  2. To match two points of interest from shot to shot (so if a door slams at the end of the first shot, what do you want the viewer to see when you cut to the second shot?

Use the text tools to add text to one of the shots. (do you want to have the type in multiple locations ~ 100 degrees apart  or not?)

Export the scene, making sure “360 video” is checked on export and upload to youtube of vimeo to view

How to install GoPro VR Player for Desktop?

GoPro VR Player for OSX/macOS and Windows

Step1: Download the installer here:

Windows: https://gopro.com/downloads/PC/GoProVRPlayer/latest 

Mac: https://gopro.com/downloads/Mac/GoProVRPlayer/latest

Discussion Topics

What specific editing challenges come with 360 video?

How can you lead a viewer to look at the part of a video that is important to see?

What are you thoughts on using subtitles vs. narration

Question: should you duplicate the same text to three different locations on a horizontal axis so people will see it no matter where they’re looking or just put it in a single place?

How do you handle FOMO (fear of missing out?)

What are your goals in editing a 360 story? (What do you want the audience to experience?)

End of lesson feedback

3-2-1 (3 takeaways, 2 questions, 1 thing they enjoyed)