Lesson 06: Immersive and Spatial Audio

Learning Outcomes
    • Understand sound in a 360 space

    • Describe different approaches to recording sound for 360

    • Implement spatialized sound in editing

In-class Exercise/Activity for Small Groups

Have students manipulate a mono point-source recording in 360 using Premiere’s spatial audio effects. (See https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/VRSupport.html#AssemblingAmbisonicsAudio)

Discussion Topics

Discuss the difference between “head locked” and responsive or spatial audio.

What are the benefits of using spatial audio in your project?

End of lesson feedback

3-2-1 (3 takeaways, 2 questions, 1 thing they enjoyed)

Immersive and spatial audio allow the audience to be sonically immersed in an environment. There’s a maxim of filmmaking that sound is 50% of the movie, and that goes for immersive storytelling too. The way we see/hear the world is a mix of point source and ambisonics audio and  the immersive audio tools aren’t quite as uniform and simple to use as some of the 360 video cameras and editing software. This lesson should get students started with immersive and spatial audio and get them thinking about when and how to apply it in their work.