Intro to Entrepreneurial Journalism

A brief overview of the OER series exploring innovation in news

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

Build something of your own! These entrepreneurial journalism sessions included in this OER collection focus on developing your own journalism product or service. Students focus on understanding what entrepreneurial journalism is all about. They explore new ideas and learn about entrepreneurial journalism ventures nearby and around the world. The sessions encourage students to learn actively by exploring the state of entrepreneurial journalism through the lens of real-world ventures, and by beginning to develop their own ideas for new ventures. 


Over the course of these OER sessions, students have multiple opportunities to learn about new entrepreneurial journalism ventures and to practice developing their own ideas and considering them in terms of real-world considerations. Students can move on from these introductory sessions to working on the development of topic-focused websites, newsletters, and other journalism products and services that fill gaps in the media ecosystem. The OER materials consist of project-based learning and active discussion. Sessions involve doing, not just listening. Between sessions students should engage with readings and online discussions to continue the momentum of their learning sessions.