Finding News Articles

Overview & Purpose:

Learn how producers put together a live television newscast for local news station


  • Learn the role of a show producer in a television newsroom
  • Learn how to build a “news block” 
  • Learn how different types of stories go in various news blocks
  • Learn how to choose a lead story
  • Learn how to effectively handle breaking news
  • Learn how to create a “story slug”
  • Learn why diversity is important in local television newsrooms

Students will learn how to put together a news block of a local newscast. They will learn how to effectively choose a lead story, and how to construct a news show that provides the latest stories to viewers just tuning in.  Students who do not have campus access to rundown producing software like ENPS, iNews, Dalet, etc. can still learn the skills needed to produce news, by building news blocks in a word document.  Students will learn how much time each story should be given, depending on the nature of the story, as well as placement of the story.  They will learn how to keep the pace of a fast-moving newscast, by not only shorter stories, but graphic effects like video wipes, and back to back stories.  Students will also learn why diversity is important in a newsroom, especially when it comes to the role of a newscast producer.